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9 Best Azure Standard Products

If you’ve read my Azure Standard review, you already know I like this company. I’ve been getting bulk food from Azure Standard for over a year, and I’m pleased with most of the products we’ve purchased.

In this post, I will share some of my favorite Azure Standard products and let you know which products I would pass on!

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The 9 Azure Standard Items I’m Recommending

For each Azure Standard product I share, I’ll let you know a few things:

  • Why I like it
  • Will it save you money?
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?

1. Azure Standard Sugar

close up photo of sugar cubes in glass jar
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One of the main reasons that we buy from Azure Standard is that we can buy items in bulk that will last us a long time.

Last year I bought a 25-pound bag of sugar. I spent $32.14 on it lasted a long time!

Sugar is one of those items that lasts indefinitely so it’s a good item to purchase in bulk if you have a place to store it. I also purchased half-gallon jars to keep the sugar in and it has worked really well for storage.

  • Why I like the Azure Standard Sugar.
    • It tastes great.
    • It’s organic and it’s not bleached.
    • It lasts a long time (I haven’t had to buy regular sugar in almost a year).
  • Does it save you money?
    • I usually use Walmart or Amazon to answer this question because I know a lot of people shop at these places. The cost of organic cane sugar from Azure Standard ranges (as of today) from $1.62 a pound to $1.15 a pound depending on how much you order.
    • If you compare non-organic Great Value sugar at Walmart, you’ll pay less with Walmart. The current price as of writing this is .81 -.72 cents a pound.
    • Walmart’s organic sugar options run about $1.44 a pound.
    • On Amazon, the 365 by Whole Food Markets brand for regular non-organic sugar is $1.82 a pound.
    • Amazon’s brands that sell organic sugar run about $1.16-$2.17 a pound depending on the brand. (Prices may vary on Amazon pricing).
    • Verdict: Prices can be cheaper with Azure Standard if buying in bulk, but if you’re looking for the cheapest possible pricing and you’re not interested in organic items then Walmart is the cheapest.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • If you want organic and low-processed sugar at a good price I would absolutely recommend buying it in bulk. You won’t have to worry about purchasing sugar for quite a long time and it’s a cheaper option when you buy in bulk.

2. Azure Market Sea Salt

selective focus photo of salt in glass jar
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Sea salt is another item that we love from Azure Standard. It’s a great product because it can also be stored indefinitely. We purchased this a year ago and still have a ton of it left.

We purchased a 50-pound bag a year ago for $36.26.

  • Why I like Azure Market Sea Salt
    • Great flavor
    • Lasts indefinitely
    • Stores easily in glass jars
    • Don’t have to worry about running out of salt
  • Does it save you money?
    • Azure Standard sea salt prices range from $1.07 a pound to .66 cents a pound.
    • Walmart’s cost of Great Value plain salt is .44 cents a pound.
    • Walmart’s Great Value cost of sea salt is $2.88 cents a pound.
    • I had trouble finding your basic salt on Amazon, but they have Morton’s brand of iodized salt for around $3.50 a pound.
    • Amazon Brand Sea Salt sells for around $7.72 cents a pound.
    • Verdict: When comparing sea salt prices, Azure Standard is significantly cheaper than the other options even when choosing not to buy in bulk.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • Salt is an excellent item to buy in bulk because it lasts indefinitely and it’s easy to store.

3. Wheat Berries

Wheat berries were one of the first things I wanted to buy in bulk. My father bought a wheat grinder and the idea that I could store wheat berries for a long time was really appealing to me.

There are a variety of types of wheat berries that you can purchase such as hard white wheat, hard red wheat, soft white wheat, einkorn, and so on.

My personal favorite is hard white wheat as it’s the most versatile in my opinion and has the more familiar flavor if you’re used to eating store-bought bread. If you want a more rustic hearty flavor to your breads and flour recipes I suggest a good hard red wheat. I also really really love the einkorn grains.

Soft white wheat is supposedly good for pastries, but I’ve tried it on its own and I think it still needs to be mixed with something else in my opinion. My piecrust fell apart in the most frustrating way. Since I have limited experience with this, you may have different results or be more knowledgeable about how to use it.

  • Why I like wheat berries
    • The biggest appeals to me about buying wheat berries are how long the wheat berries last and the fact that you get the most nutrients when you freshly grind your flour. The flour that you buy in the store is often quite old and stripped of its nutrients.
  • Does it save you money?
    • Wheat berries aren’t really something you can easily pick up in the grocery store, at least not where I live. You can order on Amazon or directly from growers online. I looked at hard white wheat on Amazon and their prices seem to range from around $2.19 a pound to $5.99 a pound. The cheaper price was a listing for a 25-pound bag, and it was not organic.
    • A 25-pound bag of organic hard white wheat from Azure Standard is about $1.50 a pound.
    • Verdict: Azure Standard is cheaper.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • Wheat berries are great to buy in bulk because they can last years and still provide good nutrients. However, if you don’t have a wheat grinder or a place to take your wheat berries for grinding, I would not recommend purchasing it.

4. Organic Flour

Another favorite item from Azure Standard is their organic flour. It’s reasonably priced for organic flour, and it works well for the breads, pancakes, and cookies that we make!

  • Why I like Azure Standard Flour
    • We use a lot of flour in our house so it’s nice to have a lot on hand when I need it. We make bread often, so I love having extra on hand. I also like the quality of Azure Standard flour which I believe they grow and grind themselves! I will say that if you’re looking for a regular standard flour (not whole wheat) it’s important to pay attention to what kind you get. For example, finely ground whole wheat flour is good nutritionally but does bake differently than standard white flour. I think there is a bit of a learning curve with these, and I often end up mixing whole wheat flours with white flour.
  • Does it save you money?
    • I searched Amazon and Walmart prices to compare their organic flour. As of writing this, 5lbs of standard organic flour from Azure Standard is $8.47 for five pounds. Twenty-five pounds can be purchased for $31.21 or $1.25 a pound.
    • Non-organic flour from Walmart is exceptionally cheap. You can get regular Great Value Enriched flour from Wal-mart for .48 cents a pound or $2.43 for 5 pounds. Enriched standard flour from Amazon can be as cheap as $3.05 for 5 pounds.
    • Organic flour from Walmart is $6.97 for five pounds, or $1.39 a pound. Organic flour from Amazon is $9.69 for five pounds or $1.93 a pound.
    • Verdict: It’s significantly cheaper to buy enriched all purpose flour from either Walmart or Azure Standard. If you’re looking at organic flour, Wal-Mart is a cheaper option when not buying in bulk. Amazon is more expensive than Azure Standard even when you’re not buying in bulk. If buying in bulk, you can get organic flour from Azure Standard for the best price.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • If you don’t use flour very often I would not recommend purchasing flour in bulk. Flour should be used in 6-8 months so if you rarely use it, you may not end up needing it before the quality is gone. However, if you bake often, it is definitely worth it!

5. Spices

four assorted spices on wooden spoons
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We love spices in our family and Azure Standard has a lot of organic options! Have you ever bought spices in bulk?

  • Why I like Azure Standard spices
    • I love that I can find spices from Azure Standard. We think they taste good and buying in bulk saves us money. Plus, we don’t have to think about buying it very often. We go through a LOT of garlic powder and paprika, for example. We also love cayenne pepper! Keep in mind that not all of the spices offered by Azure Standard are organic.
  • Does it save money? I won’t go through every spice available on Azure Standard, but I’ll look at a couple. Let’s look at cayenne pepper!
    • On Amazon, you can buy 2.89 ounces for $6.11 or $2.11 an ounce for organic cayenne pepper. Non-organic cayenne pepper can be purchased for $9.05 for 14 ounces or 64 cents an ounce.
    • Looking at Walmart, you can purchase non-organic cayenne pepper for $3.77 for 1.68 ounces or $2.24 an ounce. Organic cayenne pepper is $4.36 for 1.7 ounces or $2.56.
    • Azure Standard offers cayenne pepper for $4.65 for 4 ounces or $1.17 an ounce. You can also buy it for $12.65 a pound or 79 cents an ounce. Non organic cayenne pepper can be purchased for .93 to .33 cents an ounce depending on how much is purchased (bigger discounts on more).
    • Verdict: Azure Standard is the cheapest option for organic and non-organic cayenne pepper when purchased in bulk.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • As with most things, if you don’t use a lot of it I would not suggest that you purchase it in bulk. Ground spices lose quality over time, so while it isn’t necessarily a health concern, your spices will not taste as good or be as potent if they sit in your cabinet for a long time.
    • If you use a lot of spices, then yes buy it in bulk for best prices! Generally, ground spices should be used within the first few months of purchase.

6. Mylar Bags

After you purchase bulk grains, flours, rice, etc you’ll need somewhere to store it. Mylar bags can be a good solution because it can help keep foods from moisture and gasses. They can really help extend your foods shelf life!

  • Why I like Mylar bags
    • Mylar bags are really helpful for storing foods. One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to buying in bulk is not having anywhere to put your foods. Mylar bags can help! Many people use mylar bags in conjunction with food grade buckets (will get back to this). These can even be sealed shut.
  • Does it save money?
    • Mylar bags are nice to have around because they save you money by extending the life of your food. You can purchase gallon mylar bags from Azure Standard for .43 cents a bag or 50 for $21.32.
    • To be honest, the prices on Amazon and Walmart are pretty similar. I think you wouldn’t go wrong buying from either source and may be able to find cheaper options from Amazon.
    • Verdict: Amazon or Walmart might be cheaper than Azure Standard, but they’re pretty similar.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • Yes, its nice to have a nice collection of these to store food.

7. Dry Active Yeast

fresh dough with nut pieces in bowl
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I know a lot of people love to make sourdough bread, and we’ve definitely started down that path too. But, for easier bread making I will often use dry active yeast. Azure Standard allows me to purchase this in bulk which saves me money! Hooray!

  • Why I like to buy dry active yeast from Azure Standard
    • The main reason I buy from Azure Standard is that it comes in bulk and saves me money. Otherwise, it’s the same product I can get from my local grocery store. Did you know you can extend the life of yeast by keeping it in the freezer?
  • Does it save money?
    • Yes! Four ounces of dry active yeast from Walmart is $5.48. A pound of yeast from Azure Standard is $7.17. Big savings.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • Yes because it can be stored in the freezer for a longer shelf life!

8. Food Grade Five Gallon Buckets

We already talked about mylar bags, not let’s talk about food grade buckets! This is another awesome way to help store your bulk foods!

  • Why I like to buy Azure Standard five gallon buckets
    • One of the easiest mistakes to make when buying bulk food is having nowhere to store it once you bring it home. Fifty pounds of flour sounds great when you’re getting it for cheap, but it’s not so great when you realize it shouldn’t just sit on your floor in the bag it came in.
    • Solution? A five gallon (or smaller) food grade bucket with a lid is a great way to store food and help it stay fresh longer. These buckets can help keep out things like moisture, oxygen, and light. In most instances it will also keep out pests, although highly ambitious rodents can chew through plastic.
    • I often use a Gamma Seal lid for storing things like rice and flour. However, for long term storage, you would want to use a lid that completely seals your food without allowing in oxygen.
  • Does it save money?
    • You can purchase three five gallon food grade buckets with gamma lids on Amazon for less than $35.
    • Three five gallon buckets on Azure Standard without lids is $20.88. To add the lids, the price climbs to $44.88.
    • Verdict: It’s cheaper to buy buckets on Amazon.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • Buying multiples saves money and can be used for many bulk food options!

9. Gallon and Half Gallon Jars

Another great storage solution are glass half gallon and gallon jars. I use these in my shop as well as at home. At my shop I use it to store loose leaf tea, and at home I put all sorts of things in it including wheat berries, sugar, salt, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

  • Why I like glass storage from Azure Standard
    • Glass storage from Azure Standard is some of my favorite because I have so many needs for it! I also think it looks pretty on the shelf.
  • Does is save money?
    • Similar jars on Amazon are $11.50 a piece with lids when you buy four. Walmart’s website sells them for ~ $10 a piece when you buy four.
    • Azure Standar sells them for $4.90 a piece. Lids are sold separately, but that price includes them.
    • Verdict: Azure Standard is the cheapest option.
  • Is it good to buy in bulk?
    • I could legitimately buy these often and find uses for them!

What Azure Standard Products Do You Like Best?

These are our top favorites, but there are plenty of other items that are wonderful! We’ve enjoyed butter, cheese, apple juice, rice, parchment paper, and more. Have you tried Azure Standard yet? If you have, what are some of your favorite items?

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