About Us

The Making Life is a wife/husband team that loves making (of all kinds). we hope to encourage/inspire those who make to make more, and those who don’t, to start

Hannah enjoying an iced beverage. H2O style.



Growing up I wanted to be a writer and a mom. I started writing and illustrating books when I was little, and always assumed I would one day be a published author.

As a kid, I was also always making something — cards, embroidered table runners, tiny hot pads. You know the ones I’m talking about. I was (and am) completely captivated by the idea that you can create anything you want.

I used to drive my Mom crazy because I would always have little projects all over the house. She would want to clean them up and I’d say, “But I’m right in the middle of that!”

I’ve been in the middle of projects ever since.


I love woodworking.

Woodworking hit my radar when I got married. My father-in-law was a woodworker and when I realized that much of the furniture in his house came out of his wood shop, I knew I wanted to learn this trade. So in 2009, Hannah bought me a 10″ miter saw (which I still have today) and my in-laws bought me a power tool kit (drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw).

I knew right away that I needed to build a workbench. Knowing next to nothing about building/making, I just started cutting and assembling. I built my first project out of an old bathroom vanity recovered from a remodeling project and attached a piece of plywood to the top. To me, this was a masterpiece.

Looking back, it was embarrassing. From day one and still through today, my biggest hindrance to starting a project is the thought, “What if I fail?” or “I don’t know how to make _______.” But looking back, I know that I didn’t know how to make a workbench but I still made one. Bottom line is, if you can think it, you can make it. This rings true for me to this day.


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