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Activities to do While Social Distancing

The Coronavirus outbreak has been unsettling and confusing for so many of us. I was trying to think about ways that I could help. Usually, when there’s a crisis or an issue the answer would be to go to people. Now it seems the answer is to stay away.

I thought to myself. How can I help? Then I thought… I am a content writer. I create content for a living. And right now people are at home and they need something to do besides reading the news about the Covid-19.

There are also many people (like our family) who have kids who are home from school. Many of you may be wondering what to do with your beautiful blessings — especially if you’re used to working and they’re used to going to school.

Even families who already homeschool will feel the effects since they are unable to go to public events or even public places like the library (our local library is closed).

That’s why I decided to share some crafts and activities that you can do at home with your kids. My goal is to do something each day with my kids and then share it with you. Hopefully, this will offer some entertainment in your lives and make this time a little easier.

Each activity I do will have a separate blog post, but I will do a round-up in this post also for easy navigation.

DAY #1 Activity: Make a Tornado (or Cyclone) in a Jar

My son has been working on a school project about the Wizard of Oz. He’s supposed to collect at least eight objects to put in the box that represents something in the book. Today we made a cyclone in a jar to represent the one that carried Dorothy to the land of Oz. Click the picture below so you can learn how to make one in your house. Chances are, you have all the materials you already need.

DAY #2 Activity: Make Crayon Resist Watercolor Art

The second activity on our list is a crayon resist watercolor art project. You need very few items to do it, and you probably have most if not all already at your house. This was inspired by my nieces and nephews who sent us a secret coded message in the mail using this technique!

Day #3 Activity: How to Make Fairy Dough

This idea was brought to you by a friend of mine. She made this in a preschool class and I thought it was a perfect addition to our list. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a run on the ingredients used in this project AND it can totally be gluten-free!

Day #4 Activity: Making Cards for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

This post isn’t a how-to, but just an idea for something to do with your kids. Teaching our kids to care for other people is one of the closest things to my heart. I hope that this project brings joy to you and many others as well.

Day #5 Activity: Making Homemade Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet

Today’s activity is to make homemade pizzas in a cast iron skillet! Ned and I used to help run a pizza shop and we’ve spent quite a few years trying to master the homemade pizza. We share our best tips with you and your family!

Day #6 Hiking and Geocaching

This post is different because we’re not making anything, but this is a spirit-lifting activity that you can do with your kids!

Day #7: Making Homemade Granola Bars and Energy Bites

Are your kids getting really snacky while they’re home from school? Have them help you make granola bars and energy bites! You’ll know exactly what’s going into the recipe and they’re easy and fun to make.

Day #8: Sidewalk Chalk Paint 3 Ways

Need something to do outside with the kids? Try making sidewalk chalk paint. We share three recipes here and say which one is our favorite!

Day #9: Baking Soda and Vinegar Treasure Hunt

Today’s activity came once again from a friend. It’s a baking soda and vinegar treasure hunting mixing making AND science AND sensory play. What’s not to love?

Day #10 How to Make Crayon LEGO Minifigures

Day #10’s activity was published several months ago, but was worth sharing again. This is a fun easy project that you can do with your leftover crayons. If you’re like us, you probably have a lot of crayons laying around that are no longer in pristine shape. Turn them into something new with this project.

Day #11 Nature Inspired Coloring Pages

It’s time to go old school and bust out the crayons. We created our own nature inspired coloring pages that you and your kids can spend time coloring. We hope you enjoy!

Day #11: How to Make Smoothies and Popsicles

Okay, we’ve totally lost track of the days. Clearly we’ve been on lockdown longer than 11 days. But we also aren’t sure what day of the week it is. We’re not even sure who’s in charge anymore. All we know is the sun is shining, and you should probably make a homemade smoothie or popsicle to enjoy as the weather gets warm.

Here’s our how-to made just for you!

Day #12 Make Homemade Playdough With Natural Dyes

Day 12 came many months later, but I wanted to include this new and fun tutorial that teaches you how to make homemade natural dyes for homemade playdough! Enjoy!

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