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How to Make Adorable Unicorn Ornaments

If you’ve been following our Facebook or Instagram then you may know that I (unwisely?) decided to MAKE ornaments for my kids’ ornament exchange instead of buying them. Last minute. Right before Christmas.

I thought my kids were going to make the project with me, but instead, my son got strep throat and we ran out of time.

I digress.

These little cuties are fairly easy to make, but they do take multiple steps to create.

To create the ornaments, you’ll need these supplies:

Clear glass or plastic ornaments.

Glitter of any color (I would recommend silver, pink, purple, and gold, most of which I did not have on hand).

Oven-bake clay in pretty unicorn colors.

Sheets of foam.

Floor wax (floor finish) OR Polycrylic

Jewels for bedazzling (not pictured)

Funnel (not pictured)

Glue gun (not pictured)

Step #1: Coat the Inside of the Ornament

It’s now after Christmas, but it’s a really good time to pick up Christmas DIY supplies because the craft stores want to get rid of them (pro-tip for you).

To begin, you’ll want to take the metal top off of your ornament. Next, you’ll put a little bit of floor finish or Polycrylic in your ornament. Swish it around and dump out the excess. I’ve never used Polycrylic, but I’ve read that it might offer better coverage. If you do use the floor finish, I suggest leaving a little extra in to help swoosh around the glitter.

Step #2: Add the Glitter!

Next is the fun step of adding the glitter! It’s really helpful to have a funnel to get the glitter in. In my experience, it’s still messy with a funnel, but it’d be really messy without one.

I was really liberal with the glitter. Use lots. IT’S CHRISTMAS. No need to be stingy with the glitter. Plus, if you use up all the glitter on this project, you’ll have an excuse when your daughter wants to make glitter cards later. Ohh sorry… we used up all the glitter on the unicorn ornaments :(When you’re done adding the glitter, turn the ornament upside down on a paper towel so the rest of the floor finish or Polycrylic can run out. You can leave it like this overnight to dry.

Step #3: Make the Unicorn Horns

While the clear ornaments are drying, you can make the unicorn horns.

Pick one color of oven-bake clay, or two. Roll them into strips and wind them together. Make a point at the top so it looks like a unicorn horn. Once the horn is formed, find a clear ornament to shape the part of the horn that will go against it. Next, follow the directions on the package for baking.

I used a glue gun to attach it to the ornament. I had to fiddle around with the placement of the unicorn horn a few times, but in my opinion, it looks best close to the top.

Step #4: Make the Ears

For some reason, this was the trickiest part for me. I struggled to get the right shape for the ears.

I used foam sheets for the ears and I used the glue gun to attach the little pink jewels to the inside of the ear. I think the jewels were a nice touch. I was going to use pink foam for the inside of the ears, but I think the jewels were nicer.

When I finished making the ears, I attached them to the clear ornament using my glue gun.=

Step #5: Cricut Eyelashes!

For the unicorn eyelashes, I purchased an SVG file from a seller on Etsy for .99 cents. I then used my Cricut to cut out the eyelashes.

I tried them in white and black, but I think it probably looks best in black.

If you don’t have a Cricut or other type of cutting machine, you can use a black sharpie and draw the eyes on!

Step #6: Bedazzle That Unicorn!

As a final touch, the jewels really bring it all together. You may choose to use jewel stickers, but I used my handy-dandy glue-gun yet again, and attached those beauties right to the ornament.

How they shimmer! How they shine!!

To Finish Up

Once you’ve attached all the elements, put the silver top back on the clear ornament. Hang from your tree and marvel at what you’ve made!


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