Welcome to the Making Life

The Making Life is all about creating, using your imagination, and making something. We’re not picky here. You don’t have to be a specific niche maker in order to be part of the team.

You can be an artist, a watch maker, a chandler, a baker, a furniture maker, or a sewer. You might like working with textiles, or wood, or clay. It doesn’t matter what your interest is because we think there’s a possibility for everyone to be a maker.

On this blog we explore adventures in making and the unlimited possibilities in the maker movement.We offer guides, tutorials, videos, in-depth reviews, and ideas about how to make better or enjoy your craft more. We also share homesteading information like how to start a garden, how to avoid gardening mistakes, and how to render beeswax. 

Our names are Ned and Hannah and we’ve been makers for some time. On our blog you will see a variety of content — but all of it is related to the idea that you can make it yourself, you can do it yourself, and there is inherit worth in learning how. The end product doesn’t have to be perfect because there’s value in the process. 

Create. Build. Make. The Making Life.